Business transport

Good business transport is a must if you want to boost the success of your business. Why? Because that success depends on relationships with your customers, employees and external business contacts. When these key people feel valued, they give you loyalty in return.

Y-Drive is the service to show that appreciation, in the form of classy transport with comfortable and luxurious cars. So what can you expect from business transport at Y-Drive?

Business transport benefits from Y-Drive


You can be confident that your guests will arrive at their destination on time and efficiently.


Customer is king, also at Y-Drive. This means complete service and maximum comfort on every drive.


Details make the difference, which is why our drivers and staff offer a highly professional service.

Chauffeur-driven business transport in a classy car

At Y-Drive, your client or business associate will be picked up by one of our experienced private drivers, exactly at the agreed time. Any luggage? No problem, as the driver will take care of that too by placing all items respectfully and neatly in the suitcase. The driver then holds the door open, after which the customer takes a seat in the extremely comfortable vehicle.

Another advantage? The customer enjoys a luxury car and complete service in every situation:

  • airport transport
  • transport to a congress
  • transport to an office

Y-Drive business transport: more than ordinary passenger transport

In the business world, time is money and that means every minute counts. At Y-Drive, we realise this all too well. As such, our customers always have the option to work a little during their drive or close their eyes for a while, making full use of their time.

Getting rid of stress is essential for a busy business person, and our professional drivers help with that. Our clients do not suffer from traffic stress and thus arrive at their destination in a good mood. In short, business transport at Y-Drive offers the ultimate combination of freedom and comfort.

Our fleet for business transport

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the showpiece of our fleet. There is also plenty of legroom for passengers in this top-class luxury sedan. When you or your party is transported in this vehicle, you are guaranteed a comfortable, but certainly stylish ride. This Mercedes-Benz can carry up to 3 passengers and 3 suitcases at the same time.

Bmw 7-series

BMW 7-series

The BMW 7 Series is one of our high-end luxury sedans. Of course, this vehicle is also equipped with comfortable seats, allowing you to fully unwind or just get some work done. The BMW 7 Series is a stylish and stately car that can carry up to 3 people and 3 full-size suitcases at the same time. An impressive arrival is guaranteed with a luxury car like this.

Mercedes V-class

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is our luxury minivan that can carry up to 7 passengers comfortably. There is also plenty of room for luggage in this vehicle, as it can carry up to 7 full-sized suitcases. This stylish minivan is therefore ideal for occasions when you need shuttle service or when you want to transport a larger group of people comfortably, for example.

Mercedes-Benz Luxury Sprinter

Our Mercedes-Benz Luxury Sprinter is ideal when you need to transport a large party. This luxury bus can carry up to 16 passengers and 30 suitcases. So it is ideal for a transfer with a large group or a longer trip where you (and your party) need to do some work.

More benefits of business transport at Y-Drive

  • Saving time and stress:
    Busy business people realise that their time is precious. The advantage? At Y-Drive, customers enjoy a complete service without stress on the road, finding a parking space and more. So they focus on their work or take a moment to rest. Need to make another important phone call or prepare for a meeting? You can do that too during the drive.


  • Knowledge of local roads:
    Our drivers know the local roads, busy and less busy routes and alternative roads like the back of their hand. This is especially important in big cities, such as Brussels and Antwerp. As a result, your driver effortlessly navigates the busiest streets and avoids traffic jams. This saves you even more time and stress!


  • Comfortable and productive on the road too:
    Perhaps the most important benefit of chauffeured business transport is that you can now use the time you normally spend behind the wheel to rest or do tasks. The relaxed environment in the car makes this even easier. So being productive or unwinding for a while is possible even when you are in the car.


  • Saving money:
    Although you obviously pay for business transport at Y-Drive, it can actually save your business associates money. After all, they don't have to drive or park themselves, leaving more time for their core business. Another benefit? Clients often enjoy lower rates on insurance on international business trips, at least if they use a professional chauffeur service to do so.
  • Safety comes first:
    Experience is a strong asset of the drivers at Y-Drive, even when it comes to business transport, thanks to long-term driving skills training and a complete knowledge of the applicable traffic rules. This ensures a reliable and safe service, ensuring that your business associates or employees arrive at their destination not only on time, but also safely.


  • Discreet and confidential:
    Confidential conversations are the norm in the sphere of businesses and large organisations, something our drivers at Y-Drive certainly understand and are always respectful of. Any conversations your business associates, employees or others have will remain confidential, which is one less worry for you anyway.


  • Flexibility and availability:
    Business transport is often needed at times when it is not foreseen. In that case, Y-Drive is the perfect solution. Our drivers are always ready to:

    • Taking a business associate to the airport
    • Bringing customers to a meeting
    • Unexpected transport to be arranged

    In short, Y-Drive's experienced drivers always move with your personal needs and the wishes and needs of your business relations, clients or employees.


  • Positive appearance:
    Business transport is not only of functional importance for getting clients, business associates or employees to their destinations on time. There is also an image aspect involved, which means that Y-Drive pays attention to this too. All our drivers are neatly dressed, have a groomed appearance and assist your customer or employee in a courteous, polite manner. In short, just the extra finishing touch needed to make chauffeur-driven business transport even more comfortable.

Chauffeur-driven business transport at Y-Drive in Brussels, Antwerp and more

Luxury business transport is a must if you want your client, employee or business associate to feel completely at ease on the road. They enjoy not only a complete, discreet service with a focus on courtesy and efficiency, but also a wide choice of vehicles, something for everyone.

Another key advantage of luxury business transport with Y-Drive? Our drivers are at your service everywhere, whether your client needs urgent transport to the airport in Brussels or unexpected transport to a meeting in the heart of Antwerp. Of course, other cities are also within reach of our drivers, so you don't have to worry about transporting your client or employee in the meantime.

This flexibility further adds to Y-Drive's service, ensuring reliable transport with the necessary comfort and thus a true luxury experience for your clients. Contact Y-Drive for more info on luxury business transport, options and prices!

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Your customers, business associates and employees are the key people in your company. Do they feel valued? Then they give you a lot in return and you can count on their loyalty. Y-Drive offers you the way to show your appreciation: transport them with style in the most comfortable and optimal conditions. Choose business transport by Y-Drive!