Shuttle service

If you are looking for a reliable way to travel from A to B, a shuttle service is the ideal mode of transport. Whether you are a business traveller who needs a smooth transfer from the airport to your hotel, or a tourist who wants to be transported comfortably to popular attractions, a shuttle service offers numerous advantages. Whatever you need the service for, the pleasure of safety and rest during your ride(s) will not disappoint you!

Benefits shuttle service from Y-Drive


You can be confident that your guests will arrive at their destination on time and efficiently.


We always put the customer's requirements and wishes first and stand for maximum comfort.


To ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, we pay attention to every detail. So that the services run smoothly.

Why shuttle service from Y-Drive

The team at Y-Drive is passionate about the driving profession and specialises in various forms of shuttle transport. With an extensive fleet, we offer a suitable vehicle for every situation. Whether it's a top-of-the-range luxury sedan, a stunning luxury minivan or a large and super practical Sprinter that can carry up to 16 passengers and 30 suitcases, at Y-Drive there is no shortage of vehicle selection. But not only are the vehicles versatile, Y-Drive's services are too. We offer different types of transport, including ceremonies, executive transport, shuttle service and private drivers.

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Shuttle service with experienced drivers

A big event is synonymous with lots of people and heavy traffic. That is why Y-Drive does not work with students but with professional shuttle drivers with a lot of driving experience. Because safety always comes first for us. Do you opt for Y-Drive's shuttle service? Then you are going for a safe, affordable and quality solution to your parking shortage.

Our fleet for shuttle service

Whether it is a special occasion such as a wedding ceremony or a business meeting, Y-Drive is ready to arrange the transport. With our excellent customer service we ensure that every ride is smooth and comfortable. For ceremonies, for example, we offer beautiful luxury vehicles to suit the mood of the occasion.

Mercedes V-Class

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is our luxury minivan that can carry up to 7 passengers comfortably. There is also plenty of room for luggage in this vehicle, as it can carry up to 7 full-sized suitcases. This stylish minivan is therefore ideal for occasions when you need shuttle service or when you want to transport a larger group of people comfortably, for example.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the showpiece of our fleet. There is also plenty of legroom for passengers in this top-class luxury sedan. When you or your party is transported in this vehicle, you are guaranteed a comfortable, but certainly stylish ride. This Mercedes-Benz can carry up to 3 passengers and 3 suitcases at the same time.

Bmw 7-series

BMW 7-series

The BMW 7 Series is one of our high-end luxury sedans. Of course, this vehicle is also equipped with comfortable seats, allowing you to fully unwind or just get some work done. The BMW 7 Series is a stylish and stately car that can carry up to 3 people and 3 full-size suitcases at the same time. An impressive arrival is guaranteed with a luxury car like this.

Mercedes-Benz Luxury Sprinter

Our Mercedes-Benz Luxury Sprinter is ideal when you need to transport a large party. This luxury bus can carry up to 16 passengers and 30 suitcases. So it is ideal for a transfer with a large group or a longer trip where you (and your party) need to do some work.

Special occasions

Given the different types of luxury cars that we offer at Y-Drive, we can also arrange shuttle transport for a lot of different occasions. Whether it is a business trip, airport transport, or other transport, we are a listening ear when it comes to the customer's needs, ensuring that the flawless service.

Luxury and safe shuttle service

Get your guests safely and comfortably from the car park to your event and back again with Y-Drive's shuttle service. We offer reliable shuttle delivery, where your guests can relax and enjoy the ride without having to worry about navigating through traffic or finding a parking space. Our experienced drivers in various luxury vehicles ensure that your guests arrive at their desired destination on time and in style.

With the shuttle service from Y-Drive, your guests need not worry about parking problems or the hassle of finding a suitable parking space. They can simply relax and enjoy the comfortable ride, while one of our drivers takes you safely to your final destination. This allows your guests to concentrate on the event itself and live the experience to the full.

Quote Shuttle service

Are you the organiser of a large event? Then you probably face the traditional problem of insufficient parking capacity. Because most event locations, event halls and party meadows in Belgium and the Netherlands only have limited parking. Your solution?
Create parking spaces at nearby locations and have your guests transported via Y-Drive's shuttle service .