Deluxe bus with driver

With our deluxe bus, treat 17 people to an exclusive and comfortable journey. Whether you are looking for a minibus for business use or for festive occasions, our Mercedes Sprinter guarantees you a carefree ride. This high-end VIP bus is fully equipped and also a feast for the eyes. Your business associates, employees or friends and family members will be pleasantly surprised when our driver parks this chic vehicle in front of them.

Advantages of Y-Drive


You can be confident that your guests will arrive at their destination on time and efficiently.


We always put the customer's requirements and wishes first and stand for maximum comfort.


To ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, we pay attention to every detail. So that the services run smoothly.

Why our Deluxe Bus

The spacious, leather seats, dark-tinted windows, modern LED lighting and many other exclusive extras of the deluxe minibus contribute to a true VIP experience. As our deluxe bus is also equipped with some handy tables, it is perfect for meetings on the road. This way, you and your business associates will not lose precious time. If desired, you can even choose to have snacks and drinks en route. If you indicate in good time that you wish to make use of this option, we will ensure that you lack nothing en route. This way, you can fully concentrate on your company and the purpose of your trip! Our deluxe bus for 16 people is suitable for various purposes, such as:


  • Business meetings
  • Team outings / Company excursions
  • Executive meetings
  • Events
  • Artist transport
  • Weddings and other ceremonies
  • Day trips


Ultimate comfort with our deluxe minibus

Our Mercedes minibus is specifically equipped to take larger groups of passengers to their destinations as comfortably as possible.
To provide you and your business associates or guests with optimum comfort, we have equipped our deluxe minibus with some special details:

Adjustable leather seats

Especially for longer trips, seating comfort is essential. This is why we chose to equip our VIP minibus with exclusive leather seats. The matt black leather upholstery gives the deluxe minibus a chic look and feel.

To ensure that all passengers can be as comfortable as possible during their journey, we have equipped the luxury seats with an adjustable headrest. This makes the seats comfortable for different body types and seating positions. The double seats also have an adjustable backrest for even more seating comfort. Ideal for a nap on the go.

The VIP bus has 16 seats for passengers in the back, plus an extra seat in the front for a guide, in addition to the driver's seat. A total of 17 people can therefore use this deluxe minibus.

Tables with cupholders

Our deluxe minibus is equipped with one row of seats with small tables. These sturdy tables are great for several people to confer at during the ride.

Want to enjoy a bottle of water or a cup of coffee while doing so? Then simply place them in the built-in cupholders.

If you book early, we can ensure that the desired drinks are on board the bus for you. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Dark-tinted panoramic windows

A VIP minibus is not complete without dark-tinted windows. These protect you and your fellow travellers from prying eyes inside, allowing you to enjoy your journey in privacy.

Meanwhile, these panoramic windows provide you with perfect views of the outside world. Ideal if you want to recharge by enjoying the view along the way. The double-glazed windows and excellent insulation of our deluxe bus keep the temperature inside the bus comfortable.

They block both cold and heat from outside, so you can count on an optimal indoor climate in all seasons. The windows are also fitted with curtains, so you can create more darkness if you wish. Perfect for a well-earned power nap.

Air conditioning, heating and LED lighting

The bus is air-conditioned at every seat, as well as powerful heating elements. Thus, the vip bus never gets too hot or too cold.

The luxury minibus also features LED lighting that is both functional and stylish. Each seat has its own LED light to make reading easier. This is handy when there is some work to be done, for example. When it gets dark, blue LED lights help make luggage racks more visible, as well as other important places in the bus. These lights also create a modern nightclub look that is perfect if you use the minibus for festive occasions.

Various multimedia facilities

Our VIP minibus is equipped with high-end multimedia facilities.
On board you will find, among other things:

  • 19-inch LCD display
  • a DVD player
  • USB port(s)
  • USB charging points at the level of each row of seats
  • HDMI port
  • amplifier
  • microphone for the guide
  • speakers at the seats

Our VIP bus is compact enough to manoeuvre easily through traffic, but spacious enough to transport 16 people, each with their own suitcase, comfortably and safely. This makes the luxury minibus very suitable for guests who want to bring extra clothes or other items, such as gifts. So for weddings and other festive occasions, the spacious luggage compartments can also come in handy. There is space for luggage inside the bus, above the seats. Here you will also find clothes hangers, which are great for neatly hanging up coats and jackets, for example. There is also extra space at the back of the bus for luggage you don't need to have at hand.

Luxury VIP bus for business use

All the above features make our VIP bus very suitable for business use. This could include incentive trips for your employees or important business relations. The vip minibus is also an excellent means of transport for team outings or company excursions. Consultations can take place at the tables, while the multimedia facilities allow you to show presentations along the way. Upon request, we can also ensure that snacks and drinks are available in the minibus. For example, how about a breakfast basket, packed lunch or coffee and tea? If you would like to take advantage of this option, you do need to book in good time. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

High-end VIP minibus for special occasions

Do you have a special event coming up? Our chauffeured VIP bus will lift your festive occasion to an unforgettable high level! For example, have yourself and your guests transported to events in style. A deluxe minibus is also perfect for a wedding ceremony, christening ceremony or wedding day. By using the on-board multimedia facilities, you can, for example, show photos of the happy couple, or treat them to a song or poem through the microphone. With a tapas basket or chilled champagne, for example, the party starts even before you reach your destination. Contact us for more information on catering in your minibus or request a quote.

The VIP bus is also the perfect choice for days out with friends and family. Think, for example, of a city trip or another outing with a somewhat larger group of people. Our professional and helpful drivers will take all the work off your hands, so that everyone can enjoy the day to the full.

Finally, the VIP bus is ideal for transporting performers. They can prepare for their performance en route and rest comfortably afterwards. There is plenty of room for instruments and costumes, for example.

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